Friday, December 30, 2005

Time still by my side...

This is a very cool looking "Steam Clock". As the name implies, it runs on steam only. It is located at the Indiana State Museum just out side the entrance from the White River Canal.

I took the family to the museum yesterday and this was one of many photos I brought back from our visit.

The museum was also hosting "The Lord of the Rings" exibit. Unfortunately, no photography was allowed in the exibit. I wish I could have, some truely amazing craftsmenship was shown, from trinkets to miniature buildings were present. Not to mention the gear/clothing they wore filming the movies. It was amazing.


navin harish said...

Cool clock and cool shot.

MBrown said...


Now that's something I have never heard of. Cool!

Great composition and lighting in this shot.
Keep'em coming buddy!!

Joey said...

The city has numerous steam pipes that run through downtown Indy. I believethis is how they run the clock. The clock also plays sounds with steam and pipes.

I am assuming the clock runs off the steam as well. Atleast I took it that way.

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